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We put YOU first. Always. From communicating about the best time for your appointment – to answering questions and concerns you have about your report, scheduling follow-ups and more – we ensure that you have a smooth, stress-free experience when working with Xspect Pro Inspection Services.

John Grant Avatar
John Grant
4/07/2019 - Google

You are in very good hands with Shawn at XspectPro Inspection Services. I have recommended them on several inspections in south Orlando when I could not meet a clients scheduling and my clients were thrilled with his knowledge and service. As a fellow Home Inspector, I highly recommend Shawn and XspectPro!

James Shabluk Avatar
James Shabluk
4/07/2019 - Google

Detailed and informative. Extra services after the inspection free of charge. Great company!

Josh Huey Avatar
Josh Huey
9/07/2019 - Google

The inspection was, thankfully, way more thorough than I had anticipated. We discovered numerous issues with the house that we never would have otherwise noticed until months, perhaps years after moving in. Any issues that were discovered were explained in a completely understandable language, which is useful for someone like me who doesn't understand a lot about the fundamentals of construction and housing. Highly recommended.

Nadir Moore Avatar
Nadir Moore
4/07/2019 - Google

Xspect Pro Home Inspection did a great job going through my potential home purchase. Did not leave any part of the property unlooked, and helped me find a major problem with the house that was not disclosed. They saved me thousands of dollars of potential damage that could of happened if they never found it out for me. My next home purchase I will for sure use them again!

Dave Bailey Avatar
Dave Bailey
4/07/2019 - Google

Very prompt and thorough. Have had previous inspection, but never one that provided the warranties they do

Judd Kuehling Avatar
Judd Kuehling
11/07/2019 - Google

Thorough and comprehensive

Rob Hassett Avatar
Rob Hassett
11/07/2019 - Google

Professional and helpful - used them for inspection on my first home - highly recommended!

Jerry Ford Avatar
Jerry Ford
4/07/2019 - Google

From the moment I shook Shawn’s hand he was nothing but professional! Shawn did not hesitate to show me and explain to me in detail the issues he had found with the house I was looking to purchase! I would and will use Shawn for all and any home inspection in the future!

A Schwandes Avatar
A Schwandes
5/07/2019 - Google

Shawn was professional, friendly, and responsive from the first contact. He was able to schedule our home inspection quickly at a time that was convenient for us. He was quick to respond to texts and emails leading up to the inspection. At the actual inspection, he was incredibly thorough. Throughout the process, he updated me on things he found, and helped me to understand the level of expertise required to remediate each issue. When an active leak showed up, he took the time to take measurements and videos. He even called the seller's agent to report this major issue. At the end of his inspection, Shawn took plenty of time to explain all the things that needed attention and all the perks that came with his inspection. He will be re-inspecting the property free of charge when the leak is fixed and offers a mold protection for instances like this one where the home doesn't show signs of mold, but they could crop up as a result of this leak. The report was detailed and contained lots of pictures from the inspection. I am confident that we made a great choice in home inspector. I wholeheartedly recommend Shawn and Xspect Pro for anyone getting a home inspection.

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